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Volkswagen, or VW as we affectionately know it, has an interesting history. The company was founded by the German Labour Front and came under the direction of Adolf Hitler. At a time when most people in Germany, and the rest of Europe, couldn’t afford an automobile, a handful of manufactures had embarked on ‘people’s car’ projects. Adolf Hitler wanted all German citizens to own a car, and so Volkswagen was created. Volkswagen in German means “folk’s car” or in other words people’s car.

Not surprisingly the project was financially unsound, and the company battled many problems, but the VW Beetle was eventually produced and has become the most successful car design in the world, of all time.

After Volkswagen fell into British hands at the end of World War II, the company underwent many changes but has developed over time into a manufacturing powerhouse. The Volkswagen marque is a part of the Volkswagen Group which is indirectly majority owned by the Austrian Porsche-Piech family and is one of the biggest automobiles manufactures in the world.

Volkswagen has also enjoyed success in the world of motorsport and has credentials in Formula Racing, World Rally Championships, Dakar Racing and other international categories.

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