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Sump plug V24-0504

VAICO V24-0504

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Part Specs

Brand: Vaico
Product Nr: V24-0504
Product Info


Oil Drain Plug, oil pan

Part Details

Outer thread [mm]: M18 x 1,5

Surface: Nickel-coated

Fitting Position: Engine Side

Weight [kg]: 0,055

Spanner Size: 8

Thread Pitch [mm]: 1,5

Length [mm]: 31

Bolt Head-/Nut Design: Female Hex

Thread Length [mm]: 26

Supplementary Article/Info 2: With seal

Required quantity: 1

Thread: M18 x 1,5

Reference Part Numbers: 46476967, 60812431, 60813578, 60812431, 60813578

About Vaico

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With more than 17,000 spare parts, Vaico is provides a great variety of choice to suit each individual vehicle. Many of their components have received the Q+ quality seal which stands for “Made in Germany” vehicle parts in OEM quality.


Sump plug

Some manufacturers recommend replacing your sump plug or oil drain plug with every engine oil change as the thread on the plug and be stripped during and oil change.
Vehicle Fitment


ALFA ROMEO1471.9 JTDM 16V (937.AXN1B, 937.BXN1B) (2004 - 2010)937Hatchback1910cc 110KW
ALFA ROMEO1472.0 16V T.SPARK (937.AXA1, 937.AXC1, 937.BXC1) (2001 - 2010)937Hatchback1970cc 110KW
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2) (1999 - 2002)932Sedan1970cc 114KW
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2) (2000 - 2002)932Wagon1970cc 114KW
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 16V T.SPARK (932A21__) (2000 - 2002)932Sedan1970cc 110KW
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 JTS (932AXA) (2002 - 2005)932Sedan1970cc 122KW
ALFA ROMEO1562.0 JTS (932BXA) (2002 - 2006)932Wagon1970cc 122KW
ALFA ROMEO1592.4 JTDM (2006 - 2011)939Sedan2387cc 147KW
ALFA ROMEO1592.4 JTDM (2006 - 2011)939Wagon2387cc 147KW
ALFA ROMEO1592.4 JTDM (2007 - 2011)939Sedan2387cc 154KW
ALFA ROMEO1592.4 JTDM (939.BXM1B) (2007 - 2012)939Wagon2387cc 154KW
ALFA ROMEOGT2.0 JTS (2005 - 2010)937Coupe1970cc 121KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
ALFA ROMEOGTV2.0 JTS (2003 - 2004)916_Coupe1970cc 121KW
ALFA ROMEOGTV2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00) (1998 - 2005)916_Coupe1970cc 110KW

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