Radiator V15-60-5022

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VEMO V15-60-5022

Radiator, engine cooling


Hot coolant enters the radiator, and circulates through tubes inside, cooling down, before being returned to the engine. It is usually placed at the front of the engine in order to benefit from any exterior airflow, but also utilises the fans airflow to cool down the fluid. Maintenance is vital to prevent overheating and any subsequent engine damage. There should be no leaks, and all seals must be tight; the coolant within the radiator should look clean, as dirty fluid could indicate serious problems. We carry a huge range of quality radiators to ensure many, many km’s of trouble free driving.

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Brand Vemo
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Product Specification
For OE number 1J0 121 253 N
OEM 1212531J0AD, 1J0121253AB, 1J0121253A, 1212531J0AD, 1J0121253A, 1J0121253AF, 1J0121253AD, 1J0121253AF, 1J0121253B, 1J0121253AH, 1J0121253B, 1J0121253AF, 1J0121253B, 1J0121253R, 1J0121253AJ, 1J0121253MQ, 1J0121253R, 1J0121253AN, 1J0121253R, 1J0121253S, 1J0121253AP, 1J0121253S, 1JO121253J, 1J0121253AQ, 1J0121253AT, 1JO121253Q, 1J0121253H, 1J0121253J, 1J0121253L, 1J0121253M, 1J0121253N, 1J0121253P, 1J0121253Q, 1J0121253S