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PCV Breather Valve V10-3320

VAICO V10-3320

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Part Specs

Brand: Vaico
Product Nr: V10-3320
Product Info


Oil Trap, crankcase breather

Part Details

For OE number: 06H 103 495 AE

Length [mm]: 215

Height [mm]: 90

Recommended replace interval [km]: 60000

Width [mm]: 205

Additional Info: with seal

Fitting Position: Cylinder Head

Weight [kg]: 0,4

Recommended replace interval [years]: 3

Gasket Material: FPM (fluoride rubber)/ACM (polyacrylate rubber)

Operating Mode: Pressure Controlled

Valve Type: Breather Valve

Valve Type: Diaphragm Valve

Housing material: Polyamid 6.6

Reference Part Numbers: 06H103495AK, 06H100031S, 06H100031SX, 06H100032F, 06H100032FX, 06H103495AE, 06H103495J, 6H100031S, 6H100031SX, 6H100032F, 6H100032FX, 6H103495AE, 6H103495J

About Vaico

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With more than 17,000 spare parts, Vaico is provides a great variety of choice to suit each individual vehicle. Many of their components have received the Q+ quality seal which stands for “Made in Germany” vehicle parts in OEM quality.

Vehicle Fitment


AUDIA42.0 TFSI (2008 - 2015)8K5, B8Wagon1984cc 132KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
AUDIA42.0 TFSI quattro (2008 - 2015)8K2, B8Sedan1984cc 155KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI quattro (2008 - 2015)8K5, B8Wagon1984cc 155KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSi (2008 - 2013)8K5, B8Wagon1984cc 155KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSi (2008 - 2015)8K2, B8Sedan1984cc 132KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI (2008 - 2012)8T3Coupe1984cc 132KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
AUDIA52.0 TFSI (2009 - 2013)8TAHatchback1984cc 155KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI (2009 - 2014)8F7Convertible1984cc 155KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI (2009 - 2014)8TAHatchback1984cc 132KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI quattro (2008 - 2017)8T3Coupe1984cc 155KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI quattro (2009 - 2017)8F7Convertible1984cc 155KW
AUDIA52.0 TFSI quattro (2009 - 2017)8TAHatchback1984cc 155KW
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2011 - present)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan1984cc 132KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2011 - present)4G5, C7, 4GDWagon1984cc 132KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
AUDIQ32.0 TFSI quattro (2011 - present)8USUV1984cc 125KW
AUDIQ32.0 TFSI quattro (2011 - present)8USUV1984cc 155KW
AUDIQ52.0 TFSI quattro (2008 - present)8RSUV1984cc 155KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation

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