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Oil Cooler V15-60-6018

VEMO V15-60-6018

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Part Specs

Brand: Vemo
Product Nr: V15-60-6018
Product Info


Oil Cooler, engine oil

Part Details

Length [mm]: 167

Width [mm]: 102

Height [mm]: 66

Weight [kg]: 0,77

Reference Part Numbers: 06D117021C, 06D117021C, 06D117021C, 06D117021C, 6D117021C, 6D117021C, 6D117021C, 6D117021C

About Vemo

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Vemo specializes in electrics, electronics and thermal management. They use high-end technology to continuously produce high quality products.


Oil Cooler

Engine oil coolers are important to keep your engine in good working order, and they work a bit like a radiator, except filled with oil, instead of water. As the oil passes through the cooler, it has time to cool down before exiting. Oil that is too hot can break down, and start to thin, causing the pressure to drop. Maintenance is important, and the cooler should be regularly inspected for wear. We have a wide range of coolers for your vehicle, and our quality products will keep your driving trouble free.

Vehicle Fitment


AUDIA32.0 FSI (2003 - 2008)8P1Hatchback1984cc 110KW
AUDIA32.0 FSI (2004 - 2008)8PAHatchback1984cc 110KW
AUDIA32.0 TFSI (2004 - 2013)8PAHatchback1984cc 147KW
AUDIA32.0 TFSI (2008 - 2013)8P7Convertible1984cc 147KW
AUDIA32.0 TFSI quattro (2004 - 2013)8PAHatchback1984cc 147KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI (2004 - 2008)8EC, B7Sedan1984cc 147KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI (2004 - 2008)8ED, B7Wagon1984cc 147KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI 16V (2006 - 2009)8H7, B6, 8HE, B7Convertible1984cc 147KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI quattro (2004 - 2008)8EC, B7Sedan1984cc 147KW
AUDIA42.0 TFSI quattro (2004 - 2008)8ED, B7Wagon1984cc 147KW
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2005 - 2011)4F2, C6Sedan1984cc 125KW
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2005 - 2011)4F5, C6Wagon1984cc 125KW
AUDITT2.0 TFSI (2006 - 2010)8J3Coupe1984cc 147KW
AUDITT2.0 TFSI (2007 - 2010)8J9Convertible1984cc 147KW
AUDITT2.0 TTS quattro (2008 - 2014)8J3Coupe1984cc 200KW
AUDITT2.0 TTS quattro (2008 - 2014)8J9Convertible1984cc 200KW
SKODAOCTAVIA2.0 FSI (2004 - 2008)II (1Z3)Hatchback1984cc 110KW
SKODAOCTAVIA2.0 FSI (2004 - 2008)II (1Z5)Wagon1984cc 110KW
SKODAOCTAVIA2.0 RS (2008 - 2013)II (1Z3)Hatchback1984cc 147KW
VWEOS2.0 TFSI (2007 - 2015)1F7, 1F8Convertible1984cc 147KW
VWGOLF2.0 FSI (2004 - 2008)Mk5 (1K1)Hatchback1984cc 110KW
VWGOLF2.0 GTI (2005 - 2009)Mk5 (1K1)Hatchback1984cc 147KW
VWGOLF2.0 GTI (2006 - 2008)Mk5 (1K1)Hatchback1984cc 169KW
VWJETTA2.0 FSI (2005 - 2010)Mk3 (1K2)Sedan1984cc 110KW
VWJETTA2.0 TFSI (2005 - 2010)Mk3 (1K2)Sedan1984cc 147KW
VWPASSAT2.0 FSI (2005 - 2010)3C2Sedan1984cc 147KW
VWPASSAT2.0 FSI (2005 - 2010)3C5Wagon1984cc 147KW

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