Exhaust Pressure Sensor V10-72-1203

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VEMO V10-72-1203

Sensor, exhaust pressure

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Brand Vemo
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Product Specification
Weight [kg] 0,0204
OEM 059906051A, 059906051A, 059906051A, 059906051A, 059906051A, 07690551A, 07690551A, 07Z906051B, 07Z906051B, 07Z906051B, 4F0131552AJ, 4F0131552AM, 4F0131552AM, 07Z906051B, 07Z906051B, 3D0131552E, 59906051A, 4F0131552AP, 4F0131552AP, 4F0131552AM, 4F0131552AP, 4F0131552AQ, 4F0131552AQ, 7Z906051B, 4F0131552AJ, 4F0131552AM, 4F0131552AT, 4F0131552AT, 4F0131552AQ, 4F0131552AT, 4F0131552BA, 4F0131552BA, 4F0131552AP, 4F0131552AQ, 4F0131552BB, 4F0131552BB, 4F0131552BA, 4F0131552BB, 4F0131552C, 4F0131552C, 4F0131552AT, 4F0131552BA, 4F0131552K, 4F0131552K, 4F0131552C, 4F0131552K, 4F0131552N, 4F0131552N, 4F0131552BB, 4F0131552C, 4F0131552R, 4F0131552R, 4F0131552N, 4F0131552R, 4L0131552B, 4L0131552B, 4F0131552K, 4F0131552N, 7L6131552AE, 7L6131552AE, 4L0131552B, 59906051A, 7L6131552AF, 7L6131552AF, 4F0131552R, 4L0131552B, 7L8131552E, 7L8131552E, 7L6131552AE, 7L6131552AF, 7L8131552H, 7L8131552H, 59906051A, 7L6131552AE, 7L8131552J, 7L8131552J, 7L8131552E, 7L8131552H, 7L8131552M, 7L8131552M, 7L6131552AF, 7L8131552E, 7L8131553B, 7L8131553B, 7L8131552J, 7L8131552M, 7P6131552A, 7P6131552, 7L8131552H, 7L8131552J, 7P6131552A, 7P6131552E, 7L8131553B, 7P6131552, 7P6131552F, 7P6131552E, 7L8131552M, 7L8131553B, 7P6131552F, 7P6131552, 7P6131552A, 7P6131552E, 7P6131553, 7P6131553, 7P6131552, 7P6131552A, 7Z906051B, 95560615100, 7P6131552F, 7P6131553, 95811106004, 7P6131552E, 7P6131552F, 95811106020, 7Z906051B, 95811106030, 7P6131553, 7Z906051B, 95860615110