Crankshaft Position Sensor V10-72-1109

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VEMO V10-72-1109

RPM Sensor, engine management

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Brand Vemo
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Product Specification
For OE number 03C 906 433 E
Length [mm] 80
Width [mm] 30
Height [mm] 28
Weight [kg] 0,025
Required quantity 1
Sensor Type Hall Sensor
Number of Poles 3
Number of connectors 3
Rated Voltage [V] 12
Fitting Depth [mm] 20
Supplementary Article/Info 2 For crankshaft
Supplementary Article/Info 2 with screw
Supplementary Article/Info 2 without cable
Connector Shape D-Shape
OEM 032906433, 032906433, 032906433, 032103170, 032103170A, 032906433B, 032906433A, 032906433A, 032906433B, 032906433B, 036906433C, 032103170B, 032906433, 036906433D, 036906433C, 036906433C, 036906433D, 036906433D, 03C906433A, 032906433A, 032906433B, 03C906433B, 03C906433A, 03C906433A, 03C906433B, 03C906433B, 03C906433C, 036906433C, 03C906433A, 03C906433E, 03C906433C, 03C906433C, 03C906433E, 03C906433E, 045906433B, 03C906433B, 03C906433C, 06H905163A, 045906433B, 045906433B, 06H905163A, 06H905163A, 32906433, 03C906433E, 045906433B, 36906433C, 32906433, 32906433, 3C906433A, 3C906433A, 3C906433A, 06H905163A, 32906433, 3C906433B, 3C906433B, 3C906433B, 3C906433E, 45906433B, 32103170, 32103170A, 32103170B, 32906433A, 32906433B, 36906433C, 36906433D, 3C906433A, 3C906433B, 3C906433E, 45906433B