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Coolant Flange V10-8196

VAICO V10-8196

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Brand: Vaico
Product Nr: V10-8196
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Coolant Flange

Part Details

Cooling Hose: from distributor to cylinder head

Reference Part Numbers: 021121117A, 021121117A, 21121117A, 21121117A

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With more than 17,000 spare parts, Vaico is provides a great variety of choice to suit each individual vehicle. Many of their components have received the Q+ quality seal which stands for “Made in Germany” vehicle parts in OEM quality.


Coolant Flange

The coolant flange holds the coolant thermostat and is connected to the engine head. If either the flange or the housings around the thermostat develop cracks or leaks, it will cause a loss of pressure within the coolant system, and can cause overheating, and a hot engine is an unhappy engine. A leak-free system operates at maximum efficiency and minimises and risk of overheating. Run Auto Parts stock quality products for happy motoring.

Vehicle Fitment


VWGOLF2.8 VR6 (1994 - 1997)Mk3 (1H1)Hatchback2792cc 128KW
VWPASSAT2.8 VR6 (1991 - 1996)3A2, 35ISedan2792cc 128KW

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