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Camshaft Position Sensor V10-72-1032

VEMO V10-72-1032

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Part Specs

Brand: Vemo
Product Nr: V10-72-1032
Product Info


Sensor, camshaft position

Part Details

Length [mm]: 445

Weight [kg]: 0,06

Required quantity: 1

Cable Length [mm]: 420

Sensor Type: Active sensor

Sensor Type: Hall Sensor

Number of Terminals: 3

Number of connectors: 3

Rated Voltage [V]: 12

Supplementary Article/Info 2: For camshaft

Supplementary Article/Info 2: with cable

Housing Colour: Black

Connector Shape: D-Shape

Number of mounting bores: 1

Reference Part Numbers: 038957147A, 038957147A, 038957147A, 038957147A, 038957147G, 038957147G, 038957147G, 038957147G, 38957147A, 38957147A, 38957147A, 38957147G, 38957147G, 38957147G

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Vemo specializes in electrics, electronics and thermal management. They use high-end technology to continuously produce high quality products.

Vehicle Fitment


VWBORA1.9 TDI (2000 - 2005)1J2Sedan1896cc 110KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
VWPOLO1.9 TDI (2001 - 2009)Mk4 (9N_)Hatchback1896cc 74KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation
VWTRANSPORTER1.9 TDI (2003 - 2009)T5 (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH)Van1896cc 63KW
VWTRANSPORTER1.9 TDI (2003 - 2009)T5 (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH)Van1896cc 77KW
VWTRANSPORTER1.9 TDI (2003 - 2009)T5 (7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ, 7FD, 7FE, 7FL, 7FY, 7FZ)Cab Chassis1896cc 77KW
VWTRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE1.9 TDI (2003 - 2009)7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 7HF, 7ECBus1896cc 77KWSupply VIN for fitment confirmation

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