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Cabin Filter V10-31-2531

VEMO V10-31-2531

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Part Specs

Brand: Vemo
Product Nr: V10-31-2531
Product Info


Filter, interior air

Part Details

Length [mm]: 256

Width [mm]: 253

Height [mm]: 35

Material: Activated Carbon

Filter Type: Activated Carbon Filter

Frame Material: Textile

Reference Part Numbers: 4H0819439

About Vemo

Vemo Logo

Vemo specializes in electrics, electronics and thermal management. They use high-end technology to continuously produce high quality products.


Cabin Filter

Cabin filters help reduce the amount of harmful contaminants such as dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering your car's interior via ventilation/air conditioning system. Spring is a great time to schedule in a cabin filter replacement.
Vehicle Fitment


AUDIA62.0 TDI (2011 - present)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan1968cc 130KW
AUDIA62.0 TDI (2011 - present)4G5, C7, 4GDWagon1968cc 130KW
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2011 - present)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan1984cc 132KW
AUDIA62.0 TFSI (2011 - present)4G5, C7, 4GDWagon1984cc 132KW
AUDIA62.8 FSI quattro (2010 - 2015)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan2773cc 150KW
AUDIA63.0 TDI quattro (2011 - present)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan2967cc 150KW
AUDIA63.0 TDI quattro (2011 - present)4G2, C7, 4GCSedan2967cc 180KW
AUDIA6RS6 quattro (2013 - present)4G5, C7, 4GDWagon3993cc 412KW
AUDIA73.0 TDI quattro (2010 - present)4GA, 4GFHatchback2967cc 180KW
AUDIA73.0 TFSI quattro (2010 - present)4GA, 4GFHatchback2995cc 220KW
AUDIA83.0 TDI quattro (2010 - present)4H_Sedan2967cc 184KW
AUDIA83.0 TDI quattro (2013 - present)4H_Sedan2967cc 190KW
AUDIA84.2 FSI quattro (2009 - present)4H_Sedan4163cc 273KW
AUDIA84.2 TDI quattro (2009 - present)4H_Sedan4134cc 258KW
AUDIA84.2 TDI quattro (2013 - present)4H_Sedan4134cc 283KW
AUDIA8S8 quattro (2012 - present)4H_Sedan3993cc 382KW

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