Behr Hella Service

Behr Hella Service is a joint venture between two great automotive parts manufacturers, Behr and Hella. Formed in 2005, for the purpose of providing vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling aftermarket parts for European vehicles. By installing Behr Hella Service parts you’re ensuring your vehicles cooling system will function properly even in the toughest Australian conditions. Run Auto Parts offer a huge range of Behr Hella Service parts



Bosch is the world’s largest supplier of automotive components, supplying both OEM and aftermarket automotive parts. Bosch parts are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality, durability and performance. Run Auto Parts offer a great range of Bosch ignition system parts such as spark plugs and ignition coils.


Bremi specialises in ignition system components and sensor technology as well as automotive electrics. Bremi offers a wide range of ignition coils, ignition leads, distributor caps, distributor rotors, mass airflow sensors, glow plugs, terminals and further components for automotive electrics with high quality and durability because Bremi runs their products through extensive testing before releasing them to market.


Contitech is a division of Continental brand replacement parts, was founded in 1871 and is headquartered out of Hanover, Germany. Contitech is well known as one of the highest quality producers of timing, steering and drive belts. Run Auto Parts offer a great variety of Contitech branded belts.

Draper Tools

Established in the UK in 1919, Draper has a long history of distributing quality tools around the globe. We stock a wide range of Draper Automotive Tools including "special tools" and sockets which are necessary for working on European cars. Draper's Expert range is Draper’s representation of quality - designed for professional use.


ELF is one of the most recognised oil brands. Run Auto Parts stock an extensive range of ELF engine oils that meet the tight specifications required by European car makers.


Glaser parts are high quality and are well known european aftermarket brand. Run auto parts sell a great range of Glaser gaskets including cylinder head cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and rocker cover gaskets.


Hella ranks highly among the top 50 global automotive suppliers, specializing in lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. With more than 5,800 people working in research and development, HELLA is one of the most important innovation drivers on the market.

Hella Pagid

Pagid have been providing braking products to the market for over a hundred years. As one of the world's leading suppliers of brake friction products, their continuing success is based on providing technical excellence, consistent quality and constant innovation through R&D investment. Pagid have a huge range for aftermarket braking products and is an OE supplier to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche. They design their products to meet the highest quality standards going above and beyond European standards.


Based in Germany, Kolbenschmidt is a renowned supplier to the European automotive market. With highly qualified engineering teams constantly searching for improvement over the competition, Kolbenschmidt is dedicated to providing high-quality service filters. Run Auto Parts stock a great range of Kolbenschmidt filters for all our European makes.


Mann Filter is one of the best Premium filters for European cars. They have over 70 years’ experience as one of the most reputable OE manufacturers specialising in Oil, Air Fuel and Cabin filters. It is an Original Equipment Supplier to nearly every leading European auto manufacturer, and manufactures replacement filters for more than 95% of European models. Mann Filter is Run Auto’s premium filter brand, their filters consistently perform to the highest standards.


Meyle is based in Germany and manufactures over 21,000 individual products which are sold in 120 countries. All of Meyle's products must meet strict criteria, which often go above and beyond OE standards. Meyle hold a leading position in the aftermarket automotive parts for European vehicles. Run Auto Parts stock a great range of Meyle braking parts, hoses and suspension parts. We also stock MeyleHD and Meyle Platinum brake discs with anticorrosion coating.

Meyle HD

Meyle HD is one of our key quality aftermarket brands due to their clear commitment to quality. For the Meyle HD line, Meyle has re-engineered OE parts for even higher durability. Meyle HD parts “simply last longer” and have 4 year Guarantee!


Since 1992 OPTIMAL has been supplying quality spare parts for axles, brakes, steering mechanisms, engines and other automotive products. They work to ensure every of their products meet the manufacturer’s standards and are of good quality to satisfy their customers.


Prexa is a German manufacturer of aftermarket parts. Prexa supplies a great range of parts such electronics, sensors and repairs for axle and suspension with a great pricing.


Purflux specialises in filters and is a particularily well known for the french car makes such as Peugeot, Citreon, Renault & Alfa Romeo. Their filters are high quality and and last longer than many other brands. Run Auto Parts offer a great range of Purflux high quality filters.


RAVENOL PRODUCTS are high quality products "Made in Germany". Our motor and gear oils meets the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry around the world, and the international approvals of leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) confirm the high quality of RAVENOL products.


Reinz designs, develops, tests and manufactures gaskets and sealing products. They make over 15,000 different products and are experts in the field of gaskets. Run auto parts sell a great range of Reinz gaskets.


Remsa being an only aftermarket supplier, have grown within the automotive industry because of their commitment to design and innovation to deliver the best possible products with the most advanced technology. Run Auto Parts offer a range of Remsa brake pads to those who are looking for high quality brake pads.


Ruville are renouned for their high quality and long-lasting products. Innovation and high quality standards make Ruville one of the leading makers of timing components. Run Auto Parts sell a range of Ruville timing belt kits.

Saleri SIL

Saleri provide the highest standards in quality and safety through their wide range of Water Pumps for European cars. With Saleri, you can be assured that their after-market supplied components will provide the fit, quality and service life of the originally installed component. Run Auto Parts stock Saleri Water Pumps for most of our European branded Vehicles.



Stabilus supplies gas struts and other components to the OEM market. Their products are of absolute quality thus meeting the high standards of automotive original equipment and are designed to provide a smooth and safe ride to their customers. We offer a great range of Stabilus gas stuts for all our makes.


SWAG Germany is recognised for its expertise in developing automotive wear parts. SWAG represents the highest quality in spare parts, with products that are always state-of-the-art, yet individually tailored to the relevant application.


Topran produces a wide range of high quality parts with over 15,000 different items and is now constantly adding new improved products.


With more than 17,000 spare parts, Vaico is provides a great variety of choice to suit each individual vehicle. Many of their components have received the Q+ quality seal which stands for “Made in Germany” vehicle parts in OEM quality.


Valeo is an OEM supplier to the automotive market, supplying high quality products and have wide depth of expertise, spanning powertrain systems, thermal systems, comfort systems and visibility systems. The same high quality OEM parts are also available for aftermarket replacement.


VDO - A Trademark of the Continental Corporation. Continental develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. Information management and Intelligent Transportation Systems are at the very heart of the Interior division, which provides a broad range of products for very different vehicles. Within the Interior Division the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Business Unit accommodates the specific requirements of the commercial vehicle, special vehicle and aftermarket sector. A global network of sales and service companies ensures proximity to local customers.


Vemo specializes in electrics, electronics and thermal management. They use high-end technology to continuously produce high quality products.


Made in Germany, Zimmerman brake discs & pads are the optimum choice for your European vehicle. Providing exceptional pedal feel and consistency, they also ensure longevity to both your discs and pads whilst retaining the braking ability that you expect. Run Auto Parts offer a wide range of Zimmermann brake discs and brake pads for all our European makes.