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Rob’s W124 Restoration

Rob’s W124 Restoration

In our last blog, we made a pretty bold claim – the Mercedes-Benz W124 is the best car ever built. We stand by our claim and to add to the evidence and demonstrate that these cars really are indestructible, founder of Run Auto Parts, Rob, shows us how he and a mate restored a 1987 230e back to its former glory in just one week.

The Car

Our 230e had definitely seen better days. A true champion of the highways, the old girl had been a reliable and faithful automobile. But when the rear muffler finally fell off, we thought her days were numbered and she would be destined for the scrap yard.


Not wanting to give up on her just yet, we took her back to the workshop and discovered not only was the body still straight and without any rust, a compression test of all four engine cylinders revealed the motor was still in good health.

While the ride and quality and handling had deteriorated over the years, we knew there was still life in her yet, and decided to undertake a restoration.


The Restoration

Up on the hoist, we were able to make a full assessment of what was broken, worn and needed replacing. We estimated the cost at around $2,000 and our list of spare parts and repairs included:

Front Suspension





Rear Suspension






    • Differential oil changed


    • Changed spark plugs





    • Heater valve


Listening for worn bearings with the stethoscope


The Result

The result of our restoration was remarkable, and our 230e was completely transformed and was back on the road. The improved handling was exceptional, even at speed on the freeway, and the steering was more precise. Zipping around the tight streets of Melbourne was no problem, and the braking capability had been enhanced thanks to the new front and rear discs and pads.

picture6The culprits!



So, for just $2,000, a week of time and some old-fashioned know-how, we restored a little piece of automotive history.

Run Auto Parts stocks all the spare parts you need to keep your Mercedes W124 running like new. Visit our online store.picture8