High-Performance Braking With MEYLE-PD

High-Performance Braking With MEYLE-PD

Why are braking systems important?

When we think about safety systems on our vehicle, the most important by far is the brake system. After all, it’s the component that slows you down and makes your vehicle stop. Having confidence in your braking system is crucial. It not only improves your stopping distance (sometimes by precious metres), it could mean the difference between avoiding a major accident.

If you own a high-performance vehicle, the demands on your braking system components are even higher with temperatures reaching over 300 degrees. Known as brake fade, the high temperatures can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your brakes.

Two important components of the braking system are the brake disc (also known as a rotor) and the brake pad, which work together in unison. The pad presses against the disc and creates friction which causes the vehicle to stop.

When should I replace my brake discs and pads?

Most European vehicles have electronic brake pad wear sensors which trigger the brake warning light to come on when the pads have been worn too thin. Other signs your brake system needs attention are squealing and vehicle shuddering while braking.

Brake system life will depend greatly on your driving style and conditions. High speed, heavy loads and towing can wear brakes at a faster rate. On average, you can enjoy around 60-70,000 kilometers before the brake discs and pads should be changed.

It’s often argued that the brake discs don’t need to be replaced as regularly as the pads, but most manufacturers advise that they must be done at the same time. It’s a good idea to follow this recommendation as old brake rotors can become warped or grooved and not match correctly with new pads.

Why buy Meyle-PD discs and pads?

We know brake discs are made from cast iron but did you know, like any metal, this can be of differing grades? One of the MEYLE-PD discs’ most outstanding features is their high carbon composition. This means they have a higher heat resistance than many other brands on the market.

Meyle holds a leading position in the automotive parts aftermarket for European vehicles, and all of their products must meet their strict criteria which often goes above and beyond OE standards.

As the Meyle brand suggests, not all brakes are created equal. We certainly agree with that statement which is why Run Auto Parts chooses to stock and recommend Meyle discs and brakes. But what makes Meyle our preferred choice? Across the board, Meyle is a top performer in product testing, performance, safety, product life and environmental impact.

Watch how Meyle tests their brake systems:


Meyle-PD Brake Discs Features:

  • Meyle-PD rotors are a high carbon composition.
  • ECE-certified which means they meet mandatory international requirements for automotive components and vehicles.
  • Resistant to rim cleaners and will last longer than other brands.
  • Ready-to-fit so no degreasing or cleaning is required.
  • Coated with long-term anti-corrosion protection which will also prolong their life.
  • 85 percent of the current Meyle-PD brake disc range comes with the locating screw included.

Meyle- Brake Pad Features:

  • ECE-certified which means they meet mandatory international requirements for automotive components and vehicles.
  • Free from copper and other heavy-metal components which means they have minimal impact on the environment.
  • Friction coefficient for maximum braking performance.
  • Outstanding responsiveness and pedal feel.
  • Nearly all types are fitted with MEYLE 3L shims.
  • Mounting parts included.
  • Anti-noise for a quiet ride.

Fitment instructions for Meyle-PD discs and pads.

If you’ve worked on brakes before and are wanting to service them yourself, these handy installation tips from Meyle are a great refresher. The two most important things to remember when changing brake pads and discs are:

  1. Always clean and de-rust the brake callipers and pay special attention to the mounting and guide surfaces. Exercise caution not to inhale dust by using a mask or by wetting the parts you are working on.
  2. Ensure your new Meyle-PD brakes are bedded properly. This is the process of the brake pads wearing into the discs. So, avoid heavy braking for the first 200 kilometres after changing your brakes.

Run Auto Parts stock a great range of Meyle braking parts, hoses and suspension parts. We also stock Meyle-HD and Meyle Platinum brake discs with an anticorrosion coating. To find out more visit our website: www.runautoparts.com.au