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Q&A. Shopping with Run Auto Parts

Q&A. Shopping with Run Auto Parts

12 of your most common questions answered

You’re hunting around our website for spare parts and information so you can maintain or repair your vehicle, but before you hit the ‘buy now’ button, you’ve still got a few questions you’d like to ask. No problem! We’re here to help. Run Auto Parts (RAP) founder Rob Weigall answers 12 of the most common questions asked by you, our customers.

What are OEM parts?

As you know, RAP sells OEM and aftermarket parts for all European cars. An OEM part is made by the same manufacturer that built the original part, but it doesn’t have the vehicle’s brand logo. The part is exactly the same as a genuine part, but costs a lot less.

Why are OEM parts cheaper?

OEM parts are cheaper than genuine parts because they are boxed in the manufacturers or plain packing, it’s sold directly by the manufacturer and it doesn’t attract dealership price mark-ups.

How do I know what parts I need for my job?

To keep things simple, RAP offers a range of complete kits for popular DIY servicing and repair jobs such as brakes, filters, breather hoses, control arms and more. Our kits come packed with all the parts and service items you need which will save you time and money. If you’re not sure what parts you need for your job, contact the RAP sales team, and our experts will be happy to help. Did you know, if you supply RAP with your VIN, we also guarantee fitment? Our parts specialists use the same software used by dealers such as Mercedes, BMW VW and more, to check your parts are the right ones to fit your vehicle.

Do you sell second-hand parts?

No. Because we stock parts that generally require replacing because of wear and tear, we only sell new parts to ensure the safety and quality. Now that producing spare parts is fast and efficient, new parts are often just as cheap as second-hand parts. Second-hand parts can attract high costs because of the labour required to extract them from used vehicles, and there are no guarantees the parts will still be in good order or have much life left in them.

Do you sell panels like bonnets and doors?

No. Vehicle panels are items that usually require customisation like paint colour, and they’re often sold second-hand. If you’re wanting to buy new or second-hand panels, it’s best to speak to your local crash repair specialist or parts recycler. 

How long does delivery take?

The most enquiries we receive are about shipping and delivery, and this is understandable as we’d be excited about receiving our parts too. But there is often confusion around dispatch and delivery, which are two different things. At RAP we guarantee your order will be dispatched within 24 hours. This means your items are picked, consolidated and sent from our warehouse. This can be confused with when your items will actually be delivered to your door. Delivery time = the time it takes your package to transit from our premises to your door, once it has been dispatched. We offer two types of delivery through Australia post which are tracked services:

  • Standard delivery – which takes 2-4 days to capital cities.
  • Express-post delivery – which takes 1-2 days to capital cities.

Australia Post will send you notifications of where and when your goods will be delivered. They also offer many options for collection including redirection or a parcel locker, should you not be home when they arrive.

It’s important to remember that if you live outside a capital city, delivery times can take longer. To learn more about shipping, please visit our delivery information page.

Do you sell badges?

We’d love to sell badges, but unfortunately IP, trademark and licencing laws don’t allow us to. Be aware that only vehicle manufacturers sell their own badges, so if you see them for sale online or elsewhere, they’re not a genuine badge.

Why is it important to use manufacturer-approved oils and fluids?

Let me ask you a question. If the manufacturer handbook says to only use unleaded fuel in your car, would you fill it with diesel? No, because the vehicle’s engine is built and tested to perform only with unleaded fuel. It’s the same when it comes to oils and other fluids like coolant, brake fluid, power steering and transmission oil. While you might think all brands are similar, your vehicle’s components have been built and tested using specific compositions, so its vital to check the fluid is approved. If you don’t use approved oils and fluids, you risk damaging components like your engine or transmission which could be costly to repair.

Why should I shop online?

According to Roy Morgan’s research, over the year to March 2018, nearly 9.5 million Australians purchased something online in a four-week period. There’s no denying online shopping is popular, and why wouldn’t it be?

  • You can shop 24-hours a day without leaving home.
  • You can browse multiple items and retailers within minutes, ensuring you get the best deal.
  • Items are delivered straight to your door.
  • You don’t have to deal with carparks and shopping centers.
  • Returning items is fast and simple.
  • You can access product reviews instantly.

Why should I buy in Australia?

Besides getting you parts faster, there are many great reasons to buy in Australia like supporting local businesses and jobs. But if you shop in Australia, you’ll also deal with a company that’s generally in the same time zone, and there won’t be any language barriers. It will also mean less time waiting for postage, and it’s faster and easier to make returns. One of the biggest advantages of buying spare parts through Run Auto Parts is the advertised price includes GST. There are also no foreign exchange or bank fees or customs duties, which means no nasty surprises at the checkout or when your bank statement arrives.

Can I pick up the parts I order from RAP?

To keep our prices as low as possible, we don’t have a retail shop. We guarantee dispatch within 24 hours, so your new parts will be with you in no time. To learn more about shipping, please visit our delivery information page.

Do you do trade discount?

At Run Auto Parts we offer the lowest prices every day to everyone shopping on our site, not just to trade customers. To find out more about Run Auto Parts, shipping and fitment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.