Alternator V10-13-46180

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VEMO V10-13-46180


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Brand Vemo
Is Bundled Product? No
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Product Specification
Alternator Charge Current [A] 140
Weight [kg] 6,565
Number of groves 6
Vehicle Main Current for vehicles with 12V main current
New Part
OEM 06B903016AA, 06B903016AA, 06B903016AA, 06B903016AA, 06B903016AB, 06B903016AB, 06B903016AB, 06B903016AB, 06B903016ABX, 06B903016AF, 06B903016ABX, 06B903016AE, 06B903016AF, 06B903016AE, 06B903019BX, 06B903016AF, 06B903019BX, 06B903019E, 06B903016AF, 06B903016P, 06B903016S, 06B903016P, 06B903019EX, 06B903019E, 06B903019EX, 06D903016A, 06B903016S, 06B903019BX, 06B903019E, 06B903019BX, 06D903016AX, 06D903016A, 06D903016AX, 6B903016AA, 06B903019E, 06B903019EX, 06D903016A, 06B903019EX, 6B903016AB, 6B903016AA, 6B903016AB, 6B903016AF, 06D903016A, 06D903016AX, 06D903019EX, 06K903023, 6B903019E, 6B903016AF, 6B903019E, 6B903019EX, 6B903016AA, 06J903023C, 06J903023EX, 6B903016AB, 6D903016A, 6B903019EX, 6B903016ABX, 6D903016AX, 6B903016AF, 6B903016AA, 6B903016AB, 6B903019E, 6D903016A, 6D903016AX, 6B903019EX, 6B903016AF, 6B903019E, 6B903016ABX, 6B903016P, 6B903019EX, 6D903016A, 6B903016S, 6D903016A, 6D903016AX, 6J903023C