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About Us

About Us

We are Australian’s European car parts specialists


What we specialise in

If you own a European car, you’ll understand the overload of excitement and enjoyment you feel when you drive one. The engineering, design and quality give you a sheer thrill from the moment you turn on the ignition. But when it comes to servicing and repairs you’re likely to feel a sharp stabbing pain in the stomach come payment time. Run Auto Parts has changed that.

If you are a DIYer or a car enthusiast, Run Auto Parts makes sourcing quality parts and fitment information, at affordable prices, simple. We are Australia’s European car parts specialists, and we sell quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts for over 3,000 different types of cars. Now that’s a lot of parts!

What sets us apart from other parts suppliers is the unique technology we use to source not only spare parts but also detailed fitment information for any European marque. In fact, if you supply your vehicle identification number (VIN) at checkout, we guarantee fitment. What if it doesn’t fit? We’ll return the item and send you a replacement for free. Learn more about OEM parts and the technology we use to source them.

Where it all began

For as long as he can remember, our founder, Rob Weigall has been a European car enthusiast. It’s an influence that came from his father and brothers. Rob’s first car wasn’t the typical commodore or falcon like many of his teenage mates aspired to own. Instead, he bought a secondhand 1980 Volvo 242 GT, they were only made in silver and it was a beauty. For the record, his second car was a 1983 BMW 528i.

When it came to servicing and repairing his cars, Rob searched for inexpensive ways to do it himself, but there weren’t many options available. He made endless trips to the wreckers for secondhand parts or found new parts online which were expensive, often came from overseas and usually didn’t fit his right-hand-drive car.

He was inspired to create one place where European car-loving Australian’s like himself, could quickly search for information and source parts for any make and model of vehicle. Combining years of research, the latest technology and a genuine passion for European cars, Run Auto Parts was born.


Starting out in 2012, we now have a team of 10 who can help you with specialist parts advice and provide expert customer service. Contact us anytime time if you have a question or want to provide feedback – we love hearing from our customers. We also offer live chat, so you can talk to one of our specialists straightaway.

Our OEM parts...

Our OEM parts...

... and how we source them.

We believe that Australians pay too much for European car parts. We want to make sure everyone can source quality parts at a reasonable cost, so we offer a range of OEM parts. If you’re wondering what an OEM part is or worried that it won’t match the standard of your original part, read on.

An OEM part is made by the same company that built the original part for the manufacturer, but it doesn’t have the manufacturer’s logo on it. The part is exactly the same as a genuine part, but costs a lot less. We often hear that our customers are surprised when they compare the OEM part side-by-side with the original. Find out more about the difference between Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket parts here.

The technology we use to source parts is world-class. We partner with TecDoc, a provider of electronic information about automotive industry spare parts for the European market, to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date technical information about every part we have on offer.